Welcome back once again to this series of Blog posts which explores the exciting and innovative world of the Python Programming Language.


Object-oriented programming is one of the most elementary, foundational and important concepts in the whole of Computer Science. Those who are just starting out with Programming or Even those who are only briefly acquainted Programming may have heard of many Programming Languages such as Python or even Java, Ruby or C# described as Object- Oriented Languages. This means when using these languages, we can apply the Object- Oriented paradigm to expand upon the procedural (simple step by step)…

Welcome to this Introductory Blog Post about one of the world’s most popular and exciting programming languages; Python. In our modern highly advanced internet age, even those with a remote interest in technology or Computer Science may have been exposed to the language or its name. But in case you haven’t heard of Python, it’s an integrated high-level, general-purpose programming language. It was created decades ago and has since then enjoyed a unique place in Software development community as simple yet powerful language capable of handling challenges from AI, Machine Learning, App development, Web Development to even gaming.

In this…

Anmol Sharma


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